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Louis Carroll is a humble inventor from Perris CA. His education background is physics, mechanical engineering and human health science. Lou's inventions include the LC office panel systems, ThermoCap, which is a radiator cap with an integrated thermometer, and the Big Lou wide nut guitar. These products exist because there was something about the current offerings that ticked Louis off. Therefore, he had to create products that had the innovative features that he wanted to see. Louis is also responsible for a number of invention failures, but that's just the way it goes.

Louis Carroll developed the Time Machine, while trying to find a solution for his own age related knee pain. When inventors encounter problems, they tend to look hard for solutions, and if they're lucky, they find one. Louis got lucky this time.

The name Time Machine was coined, since after using the product, Louis was of the opinion that this product took him, "back in time" to around age 35. As far as the knee pain was concerned, it was gone, along with other maladies that he faced.

As of this writing, Louis has a renewed outlook on his golden years, and enjoys tennis, weightlifting and spending time with the family. Active sports, such as water and snow skiing, heavy bag workouts, and riding dirt bikes are enjoyable realities rather than "sports for younger men".

Louis considers the Time Machine his best achievement so far, because it contributes to the quality of life for aging men around the world, and that's a great feeling.

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